Simply the Best
It's East vs. West in this championship eliminator and you'll have to do a double-take, along with the judges, to determine the winner.
The Fight
This cocky contender aims for the wrong target and it takes just one angry Gladiator to set him straight.
That Was A Ride, Baby
A hotrod Contender combines speed and power to ride roughshod over the Gladiators and leaves Sabre and Turbo down like victims of a hit-and-run.
Pretty Powerful
Lovely ladies Elektra, Ice and Sky take down a dancer and a cheerleader in what turns out to be an almost complete shutout.
May I Have Some More?
A two-time Olympic pole vaulter sets a new scoring record for Swingshot but only after the pole has to be restocked mid-game.
Gladiatah Rap
Ready, set, turn it up. Kid Flash lays down the beat as your favorites- Laser, Turbo, Saber- strut their stuff.
Neck & Neck
Despite a five second head start for the leader and a ten second penalty early on, this Eliminator is razor close right up to the very end.
If It Weren't For Bad Luck
Neither of these Contenders can catch a break between wrong turns, bottleneck traffic and a really tough call.