Defining Nitro's Character
When this Contender takes an unfair shot, Nitro loses his temper but defines his character.
Hammer & Nail
Jazz worked over this Contender once already but they clearly make a good team despite the fact that only the Contender gets pounded.
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Sometimes the only offense is defense and this tough as nails Contender truly tests the product safety of Ice's equipment.
I'm Going To Break This Stick Over Your Head
If at first you don't succeed then pick yourself up and try again. That's what Laser does but it's no match for this Marine pilot.
Like A Freight Train
Laser barrels into this Contender like he's running late and takes the steam right out of him but he just can't get him off the station.
More Than A Pillow Fight
Siren gives this racquet ball player some harsh pugil stick lessons that take her off her game and her pedestal.
Neutralizing Nitro
Nitro has to play offense and defense against this intense Contender who turns an impressive save into an opportunity to attack.
One Tough Mommy
This mother of four gets battered by everything in Jazz's arsenal but makes her family proud by staying at home on her platform.
Packing Heat
After going undefeated in four events this Cowboy ends up seeing stars when he gets gunned down by Gemini.
Photo Finish
Two-Scoops puts his flash speed against Tower's power but when both men go down it takes an instant replay to snap the winner.