Bang Malibu
Malibu's mane of hair was never the same after this hit of the century!
Good, Bad & Ugly
This event is inherently rough but bad sportsmanship can create bad blood between the Contenders and the Gladiators.
Head Game
These Contenders have brains and brawn but when it comes to leading with your head the safety rules say: think again.
Knock Out
This Contender comes at Lace like a heavyweight fighter and deals her a single powerful blow that knocks her right off her pedestal.
Not Today
The power differential in Cannonball works heavily against the Gladiators but that doesn't mean the Contenders have it easy.
One Night Only
Just because Contenders take down the Gladiators once doesn't mean the Gladiators are going to be up for a repeat performance.
The Dirtiest Competitor
Gladiators can usually keep their cool but that's not the case here when this Contender plays hardball.