Cheating Helps
In the heat of competition Nitro decides to sacrifice some points just to get a good hit in on the Contender.
Clean Your Plate
These Marines ate their Wheaties before this record-breaking scoring frenzy.
Dog Fight
When it comes to Snapback, Gladiators and Contenders alike seem to transform into rabid animals: ripping, grabbing and pulling, showing who's dominant in the ring.
No Easy Angle
Velocity meets brute force as these Contenders try to propel for the markers, survive the recoil and avoid the Gladiators with a vengeance.
On The Rebound
In order to score points the Contenders must stay on the attack but this time they seem to be spending more time retreating.
Out Of Bounce
These two Contenders stretch their energy to the outer limits against the Gladiators in this game of rubber band recoil.