Blinded By The Fight
Speed is this Contender’s superpower as she flies by Sky and swoops in on Diamond before they even see her coming.
By A Hair
There isn’t anything these lady Gladiators won’t endure or inflict when the competition gets down and dirty.
Cat Fight
The female Gladiators really have it out for this Contender and while it may start with the event, it won’t end with the whistle.
Friendly Competition
Regardless of the score, when Contender’s give their best the Gladiators show them the respect they deserve.
Going Nowhere Fast
Hawk brings the bulk but this Contender brings the speed and dashes his way into a serious power struggle with Sabre.
Grinding Gears
This Contender loses her axle in Breakthrough but when she throws it in reverse in Conquer, it’s the Gladiator that gets towed.
If At Fake You Don't Succeed
This footballer gets wrapped up and goes for a fake and when it doesn’t work the first time, he gives it another shot.
Kicking Butt
Gold takes getting dragged across the line with sportsmanship but when Zap loses her cool she’s pays the price in points.
Kyler 'Superman' Storm
Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap over tall buildings and Gladiators in a single bound, Kyler Storm shows everyone how it's done.
Not A Pretty Picture
To appreciate just how seriously the Gladiators take their jobs all you have to do is watch their faces when they lose.
Out Of Reach
When a former wrestler attempts to unplant a Gladiator, Laser keeps his distance and throws his whole body into winning.