A (Sergeant) Major Upset
Turbo tries to pull rank but this marine catches the Gladiator off guard. Watch out- as Turbo takes it out on the next guy.
Eye of the Tiger
With his mates on the USS Eisenhower watching, Clifton gets Laser with the element of surprise- but Laser comes back strong.
Never Again
Jazz comes in confident but soon is playing another tune as both Liz and Katy rip, tug, and teach her what it's like to sing the blues.
No Rest for the Zapster
Blonde bombshell Zap is back in the ring, but she takes it on the chin in back to back matches by a couple of dynamic competitors.
On the Brink
Trailing by a point, Cathy takes on Siren- and takes her right to the edge time and againe. But can she take this Gladiator over the brink?
Over the Top
Zap holds the dancer to a draw, tosses the cheerleader over the top for a clean win. No dog here, this purebred owns the bone.