A Little Rebel Inside
With his street savvy, rebel competitor Billy Wirth ups the ante in Powerball, making for bad blood and great competition.
Intimidation is a big part of the Gladiators' game but even after some bad blood these two Contenders are not afraid of anything.
Gorilla Dunk
One of the best male Contenders ever finds Laser on him like glue and decides the only way to go is up and over.
Grabbing For Air
These Contenders prove to be a real handful when they bring some serious speed and put the moves on the Gladiators.
No Pain, No Gain
A scrappy Contender takes some hard hits and ends up down - but with a smile - after managing to turn the tables and come out on top.
Out For Blood
When the going gets rough, these tough Contenders keep going and end up giving Jazz, Siren and Zap a run for their money.
Pile Driver
In this Super Powerball, it's two on two for some rough face to face confrontation that leaves one Contender dazed and confused.
Pretty Powerful
Lovely ladies Elektra, Ice and Sky take down a dancer and a cheerleader in what turns out to be an almost complete shutout.
That Was A Ride, Baby
A hotrod Contender combines speed and power to ride roughshod over the Gladiators and leaves Sabre and Turbo down like victims of a hit-and-run.
The Fight
This cocky contender aims for the wrong target and it takes just one angry Gladiator to set him straight.