Girly-Girl Power
She may have been the strong, silent type, but Zap was feminine and powerful and never afraid to kick some Contender butt.
By A Hair
There isn’t anything these lady Gladiators won’t endure or inflict when the competition gets down and dirty.
Kicking Butt
Gold takes getting dragged across the line with sportsmanship but when Zap loses her cool she’s pays the price in points.
No Rest for the Zapster
Blonde bombshell Zap is back in the ring, but she takes it on the chin in back to back matches by a couple of dynamic competitors.
Not Today
The power differential in Cannonball works heavily against the Gladiators but that doesn't mean the Contenders have it easy.
Out For Blood
When the going gets rough, these tough Contenders keep going and end up giving Jazz, Siren and Zap a run for their money.
Out Of Bounce
These two Contenders stretch their energy to the outer limits against the Gladiators in this game of rubber band recoil.
Over the Top
Zap holds the dancer to a draw, tosses the cheerleader over the top for a clean win. No dog here, this purebred owns the bone.
Perfect 10
Separated by only a point and facing the Eliminator next, these two Contenders aim for the full ten points and hit their mark.