Friendly Competition
Regardless of the score, when Contender’s give their best the Gladiators show them the respect they deserve.
Giving Jazz Lessons
These two Contenders use their bodies like athletic instruments to teach Jazz a new score and orchestrate a double win.
Hammer & Nail
Jazz worked over this Contender once already but they clearly make a good team despite the fact that only the Contender gets pounded.
Jaguar vs. Hummer
In this Battle of the Best, the lady Gladiators get trucked by two tough Contenders who've been down this road before.
Never Again
Jazz comes in confident but soon is playing another tune as both Liz and Katy rip, tug, and teach her what it's like to sing the blues.
No Pain, No Gain
A scrappy Contender takes some hard hits and ends up down - but with a smile - after managing to turn the tables and come out on top.
Off And Stunning
Jazz is on her game against these two Contenders but by the end of this event she’ll be struggling to stay on her feet.
On The Rebound
In order to score points the Contenders must stay on the attack but this time they seem to be spending more time retreating.
One Tough Mommy
This mother of four gets battered by everything in Jazz's arsenal but makes her family proud by staying at home on her platform.
Perfect 10
Separated by only a point and facing the Eliminator next, these two Contenders aim for the full ten points and hit their mark.