Mother Hen
Sky is tall and gorgeous at an imposing 6’ 3”, but when it comes to the size of her talent or her compassion, the sky's the limit.
Blinded By The Fight
Speed is this Contender’s superpower as she flies by Sky and swoops in on Diamond before they even see her coming.
Head Game
These Contenders have brains and brawn but when it comes to leading with your head the safety rules say: think again.
Jaguar vs. Hummer
In this Battle of the Best, the lady Gladiators get trucked by two tough Contenders who've been down this road before.
No Pain, No Gain
A scrappy Contender takes some hard hits and ends up down - but with a smile - after managing to turn the tables and come out on top.
Not Today
The power differential in Cannonball works heavily against the Gladiators but that doesn't mean the Contenders have it easy.
One-Way Street
In this Maze there is only one right path and plenty of wrong turns but these two Contenders can’t stop for directions.
Out For Blood
When the going gets rough, these tough Contenders keep going and end up giving Jazz, Siren and Zap a run for their money.
Perfect 10
Separated by only a point and facing the Eliminator next, these two Contenders aim for the full ten points and hit their mark.
Pretty Powerful
Lovely ladies Elektra, Ice and Sky take down a dancer and a cheerleader in what turns out to be an almost complete shutout.