Jaguar vs. Hummer
In this Battle of the Best, the lady Gladiators get trucked by two tough Contenders who've been down this road before.
More Than A Pillow Fight
Siren gives this racquet ball player some harsh pugil stick lessons that take her off her game and her pedestal.
Not A Pretty Picture
To appreciate just how seriously the Gladiators take their jobs all you have to do is watch their faces when they lose.
On the Brink
Trailing by a point, Cathy takes on Siren- and takes her right to the edge time and againe. But can she take this Gladiator over the brink?
One-Way Street
In this Maze there is only one right path and plenty of wrong turns but these two Contenders can’t stop for directions.
Out Of Bounce
These two Contenders stretch their energy to the outer limits against the Gladiators in this game of rubber band recoil.
Perfect 10
Separated by only a point and facing the Eliminator next, these two Contenders aim for the full ten points and hit their mark.