Cat Fight
The female Gladiators really have it out for this Contender and while it may start with the event, it won’t end with the whistle.
Intimidation is a big part of the Gladiators' game but even after some bad blood these two Contenders are not afraid of anything.
Friendly Competition
Regardless of the score, when Contender’s give their best the Gladiators show them the respect they deserve.
God Save the Queen
The popularity of American Gladiators knows no boundries. Even the Queen of England wants a piece of the action!
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Sometimes the only offense is defense and this tough as nails Contender truly tests the product safety of Ice's equipment.
If It Weren't For Bad Luck
Neither of these Contenders can catch a break between wrong turns, bottleneck traffic and a really tough call.
Jaguar vs. Hummer
In this Battle of the Best, the lady Gladiators get trucked by two tough Contenders who've been down this road before.
Make It And Break It
This Contender's bull riding experience helped her set an Atlasphere record last time but she stampedes to an even higher score this time.
No Pain, No Gain
A scrappy Contender takes some hard hits and ends up down - but with a smile - after managing to turn the tables and come out on top.
Not A Pretty Picture
To appreciate just how seriously the Gladiators take their jobs all you have to do is watch their faces when they lose.
On The Rebound
In order to score points the Contenders must stay on the attack but this time they seem to be spending more time retreating.
Perfect 10
Separated by only a point and facing the Eliminator next, these two Contenders aim for the full ten points and hit their mark.
Pretty Powerful
Lovely ladies Elektra, Ice and Sky take down a dancer and a cheerleader in what turns out to be an almost complete shutout.