Role Model
With a beautiful voice, a brilliant mind and an impressive athletic prowess, Storm’s multi-talents prove that when it rains it pours.
Grinding Gears
This Contender loses her axle in Breakthrough but when she throws it in reverse in Conquer, it’s the Gladiator that gets towed.
Head Game
These Contenders have brains and brawn but when it comes to leading with your head the safety rules say: think again.
If It Weren't For Bad Luck
Neither of these Contenders can catch a break between wrong turns, bottleneck traffic and a really tough call.
Make It And Break It
This Contender's bull riding experience helped her set an Atlasphere record last time but she stampedes to an even higher score this time.
One-Way Street
In this Maze there is only one right path and plenty of wrong turns but these two Contenders can’t stop for directions.