Crash Forward
In the ultimate wheel and deal, this Contender learns to play what he's dealt which means using the Gladiators' hits as propulsion.
Eye of the Tiger
With his mates on the USS Eisenhower watching, Clifton gets Laser with the element of surprise- but Laser comes back strong.
Gladiatah Rap
Ready, set, turn it up. Kid Flash lays down the beat as your favorites- Laser, Turbo, Saber- strut their stuff.
Good, Bad & Ugly
This event is inherently rough but bad sportsmanship can create bad blood between the Contenders and the Gladiators.
Grabbing For Air
These Contenders prove to be a real handful when they bring some serious speed and put the moves on the Gladiators.
Hot Sauce
The Ragin' Cajun burns through the Gladiators like wild fire and sets a new Gauntlet record of 12 seconds.
I'm Going To Break This Stick Over Your Head
If at first you don't succeed then pick yourself up and try again. That's what Laser does but it's no match for this Marine pilot.
Like A Freight Train
Laser barrels into this Contender like he's running late and takes the steam right out of him but he just can't get him off the station.
Name That Game
This match up starts out like a skeet shoot but quickly transforms into a soccer match and baseball game combo.
Never Stop Moving
Loosy-Goosy demonstrates two very different methods of surviving the Gauntlet: get past the Gladiators or take them with you.
Out Of Reach
When a former wrestler attempts to unplant a Gladiator, Laser keeps his distance and throws his whole body into winning.
Out of the Corner of My Eye
With Laser and Titan on their tails, two climbers make tracks up the wall with only a second separating them at finish.
Painful Twist
Running up against the wall in this Maze isn’t nearly as painful as crossing paths with the Gladiators along the way.
Pile Driver
In this Super Powerball, it's two on two for some rough face to face confrontation that leaves one Contender dazed and confused.