Clean Your Plate
These Marines ate their Wheaties before this record-breaking scoring frenzy.
Going Nowhere Fast
Hawk brings the bulk but this Contender brings the speed and dashes his way into a serious power struggle with Sabre.
Gorilla Dunk
One of the best male Contenders ever finds Laser on him like glue and decides the only way to go is up and over.
Hot Sauce
The Ragin' Cajun burns through the Gladiators like wild fire and sets a new Gauntlet record of 12 seconds.
In the Zone
While Craig tastes victory on the wall, on the other side, Hawk swoops in fast with a pretty sweet move of his own.
Like Plucking Feathers
A stuntman wannabe clips Hawk’s wings and proves you don’t have to kick a bird out of the nest to steal its worm.
May I Have Some More?
A two-time Olympic pole vaulter sets a new scoring record for Swingshot but only after the pole has to be restocked mid-game.
Never Stop Moving
Loosy-Goosy demonstrates two very different methods of surviving the Gauntlet: get past the Gladiators or take them with you.
Play or Pay
Sometimes Contenders learn the hard way that when you break the rules turnabout is fair play - even if it gets the Gladiator a penalty.
That Was A Ride, Baby
A hotrod Contender combines speed and power to ride roughshod over the Gladiators and leaves Sabre and Turbo down like victims of a hit-and-run.