Bang Malibu
Malibu's mane of hair was never the same after this hit of the century!
Defining Nitro's Character
When this Contender takes an unfair shot, Nitro loses his temper but defines his character.
Dog Fight
When it comes to Snapback, Gladiators and Contenders alike seem to transform into rabid animals: ripping, grabbing and pulling, showing who's dominant in the ring.
God Save the Queen
The popularity of American Gladiators knows no boundries. Even the Queen of England wants a piece of the action!
I'm Going To Break This Stick Over Your Head
If at first you don't succeed then pick yourself up and try again. That's what Laser does but it's no match for this Marine pilot.
Kyler 'Superman' Storm
Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap over tall buildings and Gladiators in a single bound, Kyler Storm shows everyone how it's done.
Nitro Is Back!
The exit of some of the best gladiators was one of the darkest moments in the show's history. The beacon of light shone through however, upon Nitro's return to the arena.
Simply the Best
It's East vs. West in this championship eliminator and you'll have to do a double-take, along with the judges, to determine the winner.
The Dirtiest Competitor
Gladiators can usually keep their cool but that's not the case here when this Contender plays hardball.
The Fight
This cocky contender aims for the wrong target and it takes just one angry Gladiator to set him straight.